Membership Criteria

1. For Ordinary Membership

1.1 In accordance to Rule 3.4 of the Constitution and Rules of NRMCA, every application should meet the following criteria:
1.1.1 The company should have a minimum paid up capital of RM1,000,000.00
1.1.2 The company must be certified to ISO9002 standard (or any latest standard as shall be determined by the Committee from time to time) upon joining the Association;
1.1.3 At least one member of the Management team must be an engineer with a degree or equivalent.
1.2 All ordinary members are required to submit their monthly production volume to the Association’s Secretariat, Nova Business Services Group Sdn. Bhd. before the 6th of each calendar month for compilation.
* Note: All individual ordinary members’ production volume would be kept confidential by the Association’s Secretariat and would not be released to any other members or parties.

2. For Associate Membership

Any corporations incorporated in Malaysia and engaged in the business of ready-mixed concrete who do not meet the criteria under Rule 3.4 of the Association may apply to join the Association for Associate Membership.

Such Associate Member shall be entitled to all privileges as an Ordinary Member but shall not be entitled to vote in any meeting of the Association and shall not be entitled to the elected to become a Committee Member of the Association.

3. For Affiliate Membership

Any corporation or registered association or those whose affiliated membership shall be deemed advantageous to the Association and are not engaged in the business of ready-mixed concrete may apply to join the Association for Affiliate Membership.

Such Affiliate Member shall not participate in the management of the affairs of the Association and shall not be entitled to vote at any meeting of the Association.

4. Fees Payable

In accordance to Rule 4 of the Association’s Rules and Constitution, all NRMCA members (Ordinary, Associate and Affiliate) are required to pay the following fees:
3.1 Entrance fees of RM1, 000.00
3.2 Annual Subscription fees of RM2, 000.00, which falls due on 1st January each year.
3.3 Special Subscriptions or levies for specific purposes may be raised by resolution of members at the general meeting of the Association.

ENCLOSURES: Please enclose the following where applicable with your application:

1. Forms 24 and 49
2. List of batching plants and locations (capacity cu meter per hour, wet or dry).
3. Number of mixer trucks in each location (capacity in cu m, License or No license).
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